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Wood fired Ceramics from the Norfolk Broads

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Welcome to my blog


Here you will find the everyday ramblings of a rural potter.

Based in just outside Norwich in the beautiful County of Norfolk, next to Salhouse Broad.

Wood Fired/Soda  & Electric.

Pots for the home and for flowers .

Inspired by the East.

Norfolk & Japan.

By patsouthwood, Jan 23 2016 10:50AM

Finally embarking on moving myself and my wheel into my kiln room. A traumatic experience. Who would have though creating an internal door would be so difficult! Brickdust is still appearing as if from nowhere some 7 weeks later but I did however discover bits of the floor at Cosseys Yard that I havn't seen for 15 years.

Snuggled up in my new room I have made my old workspace into a teaching area. I have a Shimpo style wheel and plenty of space for hand building. My first class there was last weekend when four students spent the day preparing forms for a subsequent smoke firing workshop in Febuary. More to follow, watch this space!

The really exciting news is that last week I was filmed by the BBC for their Online Magazine. I was fortunate enough to be filmed by the same woman as did the Sheffield scissor makers video from last year. This went viral. Oh heck!

Apparently the 8hrs of filming will be edited down to a four minute film. I thought I was patient, but that deserves a medal. I'm awaiting news of it's release and will let you know when I hear.

Work for my Solo show is coming along a bit slowly at the momment, plenty of orders keep getting in the way, can't complain, lovely to be busy.

I am delighted to be back at Art in Clay in August and I'm on the reserve bench for Rufford, so I may be venturing North.

Plans for later in the year include (hopefully) a return to Japan, this time taking our Cabinet Maker/Wood turner Son with me.

By patsouthwood, Oct 25 2015 05:46PM

I know, I know, such a sloppy blogger. Sorry. Must try harder next year.

Well it's all been go here down at Salhouse Broad. Dredging has been taking place in parts, so I have

lots and lots of reclaimed silt to turn into lots of lovely Wood & Soda fired glazes.

It never ceases to amaze me that a bucket full of smelly slop can transform itself into a beautiful green glaze with the simple addition of fire. As they used to say on the bread adverts, nothing added, nor taken away.

Certainly, people up from the Broad enjoyed seeing and buying my work this past summer. More

mooring spaces and the addition of the campsite has increased my visitor numbers hugely and it was lovely to meet so many delightful people this summer. Many of them taking pots for a bit of a boat trip!

Moving into Autumn, I was delighted to be exhibiting at a new show in Cambridge this October. "Innovations", organised by ONLINE CERAMICS looked stunning. A beautiful setting in The Guildhall showed off the work of some of the Country's best Potters (and me!) to very great effect. It was fantastic

to see Wally Keeler again, and although I was unable to listen to his talk he came and spoke to those

of us who couldn't leave our stands.

We are so lucky to be able to exhibit our work in such beautiful places, for example, my next exhibition

(with NCCS) isin The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral. The flint & wooden building is a stunning setting for

the work of the 24 of our members taking part. Please come and join us, I look forward to seeing you there.

By patsouthwood, May 26 2015 10:35PM

Slightly overshadowed by both the splendours of the BBC Radio 1. Big Weekend at UEA and NCFE winning at Wembley the N&N Opens Studios opened this Saturday. Continuing until 7th June it's a brilliant event, especially with the Tony Birks exhibition on at The Sainsbury Centre a few miles away.

Hot on the heels of my solo show at Yallops Gallery in Norwich in May it was head down and lots of throwing needed to get ready in time. Nice warm Spring weather always helps, although some time was spent dancing in and out of the Workshop with ware boards with an eye to an inclement sky above.

A fairly wet 8hr firing of Freda last week yielded some really nice pieces, maybe the steam helped?

Art in Clay in Hatfield coming up in July and Innovations in Cambridge in October mean more firings this week. #happypotter

By patsouthwood, Apr 10 2015 08:59PM

Elemental. My solo show at Yallops Gallery in Norwich proved to be an unexpected amount of fun. Getting the big pieces dry so early in the year was an issue as was Fredas impatience to get to 400 degrees in less than an hour. I lost a few good soldiers along the way. Ah well. She's not known as Fast Freda for nothing.

I was pleased with the body of work I ended up with, mostly. I thought that the work suited the Gallery, and lots of others thought so too. I had many complements, which was nice. It was interesting being in the City for a week at the Gallery. I am used to quiet, not cars

The exhibition has clarified the way forward, more research, more experimentation, more fun!

P.S. Just heard I am a finalist in the Craft & Design Magazine Selected Makers Awards 2015. Many thanks to those who voted for me. Watch this space!

By patsouthwood, Apr 10 2015 08:45PM

So. An immense honour to be asked iby my good friend Euan Craig if I would like to put a pot of mine in the first firing of Shoji Hamadas kiln for 40 odd years.

I was to make a Sake bottle that had to be 13cm h and a max of 10cm dia. In a clay suitable to withstand a long firing. With a surface that would work with the atmosphere and any stray bits of flyash that might be passing.

On a personal level I needed that one fairly humble vessel to be a summation of a long term ongoing relationship with both clay and Japan. It is a Country that had facinated me since I first saw Hamadas work at about age 14. In the mid 1970's the concept of me going to Japan one day was about as likely as me being on the next moon shuttle.

Fast forward to 1999 and, just after Graduation, aged 38 and a quarter off I go to Mashiko for a 3 day workshop with Mr Hamadas grandson. Six exhibitions, Two workshops and One residency later I'm constantly striving to return to learn, see and understand more.

After making loads of wannabees the Sake bottle that was to go to Mashiko was decided upon, bisqued and tenderly packed. I don't think I have ever packed a pot so thoroughly. A slightly nerve wracking week later Euan contacted me to confirm it's safe arrival. A couple of weeks later I saw pictures of it's loading into the Noborigama, reports of the firing and then the tense 3 day wait for a cool down. A very sucessful firing by the look of things, with work exhibited in The Hamada Reference Museum. I'm looking forward to catching up with my Sake bottle at some point. it will be a very special piece, however it has turned out.

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