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Wood fired Ceramics from the Norfolk Broads

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Welcome to my blog


Here you will find the everyday ramblings of a rural potter.

Based in just outside Norwich in the beautiful County of Norfolk, next to Salhouse Broad.

Wood Fired/Soda  & Electric.

Pots for the home and for flowers .

Inspired by the East.

Norfolk & Japan.

"I suppose it's not totally unpleasant"

By patsouthwood, Dec 29 2014 06:02PM

I'm wrinting this in the strange bit between Christmas and New Year.

That bit when there isn't too many demmands on ones time, and the mind gets to thinking.

Lots of things have happenned since Ely. when I last blogged. Amongst other things, another three weeks at yet another very high quality Craft show and an Open Studios at my workshop at Salhouse Broad.

It was a really good show, lots of very good quality contemporary makers, some of whom had travelled a very long way to attend such a high quality show. It had a lovely waterside location, with easy parking, excellent and pertinent publicity, but bewilderingly, somewhat under supported by the general public. Sadly that seems to be becoming a bit of a theme over the past 2-3 years.

One wonders why, given the sudden recent interest by the media in the Crafts, or perhaps more pertinently, as described by them "Crafting".

Potters awaited the last Monty Don series hopefully, he's a good, decent bloke,- this potter for one, certainly, was to be aghast at the misinformation and misrepresentation of our Craft on television.

Oh BBC, please bring back, or revamp with a modern maker, "The Craft of the Potter". It was good, it informed, amused and educated. It didn't turn a Craft that takes many years to learn into a 10 week competition.

I understand, appreciate and applaud any programme that informs the general public about my Craft. We have had to suffer both The Generation Game and Ghost. Please don't take the pee any more. Clay is important.

You mostly all live in a house made of clay, you eat and drink from it, you mostly all wash yourself in a ceramic sink, you all relieve yourselves into fired clay, your drains function because of it and we are only able to send Man to the Moon because of the clay tiles on the outside of the spaceships.

Crikey, isn't that enough to be impressed with a substance?

Come on. What more do you want?




Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the title of the blog, it's what a lovely member of the public said when they picked up a piece of my work at very high quality Craft show just before Christmas.

Cheers mate, Happy New Year. :-)

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